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Guide to play booking bet in football betting
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Komentārs Guide to play booking bet in football betting 
If you're a fan of the sport of kings, you're probably not unfamiliar with booking bets. However, for those who are just stepping into the world of betting, do you know what a booking bet is and how to accurately place one? If not, let's explore saturday football tips it right here with Wintips.
Explanation of booking bets
In football, any violation, big or small, poses a risk of players receiving bookings. This is seen as a way to maintain order in the game. While viewers anticipate decisive goals, they also want to witness the heated confrontations among players. This forms the basis for booking bets.
When participating in this type of bet, you don't need to concern yourself with the match result or score. What you need is solely information about yellow and red cards shown in the matches.
The principles of this type of bet are:
Booking bets only apply to cards issued by the main referee to active players on the field.
Booking bets do not count cards shown during extra time or penalty shootouts.
In this type of bet, a yellow card is counted as 1 point, and a red card is counted as 2 points. If a player receives two yellow cards, it counts as 3 points.
In a match, each player can accumulate a maximum of 3 booking points.
Thanks to its predictability, booking bets are currently favored by many. This type of bet is considered more attractive and interesting compared to others.
Popular types of booking bets
If players think this type of bet is only about predicting the number of bookings in a match, they are mistaken. Currently, it has been divided into several types, with the three most common being:
Asian Booking Bet
The gameplay of this type of bet is similar to handicap betting commonly found at bookmakers. Players have to predict the number of bookings for both teams. The favorite team usually gives a certain number of cards to the underdog. The outcome of the bet is calculated when the two official halves of the match end. At reputable bookmakers, players can bet on either the first half or the entire match. Specifically:
Bookmakers calculate the result of the bet based on the number of red and yellow cards shown in the match.
The handicap ratio provided by bookmakers will change during the match.
Red cards are counted as 2 points and yellow cards as 1 point.
Booking Over/Under Bet
This type of bet is not complicated but requires some inference from the player. Bookmakers will provide a specific number predicting the total number of bookings. Players need to guess whether the actual number of cards will be higher or lower than that number. Specifically:
Over: If you believe the total number of bookings in the match will be higher than the bookmaker's number.
Under: If you believe the total number of bookings in the match will be lower than the bookmaker's number.
With this type of bet, you can bet on either the first half or the entire match. The result will be calculated after the match ends.
European Booking Bet
This type of bet is extremely straightforward. Players predict whether the home team or the away team will receive more bookings.
There are three betting options for booking bets for players to choose from:
1: If you believe the home team will receive more bookings.
X: Betting on both teams receiving an equal number of bookings.
2: Betting on the away team receiving more bookings.

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How to Calculate Betting on Yellow Cards?
In yellow card betting, there is a possibility that the favored team will give odds to the other team at a specific betting ratio. This factor will vary depending on the expert's analysis. These odds will directly impact how winnings are calculated. When correctly determining the amount won or lost, you will have the best choice for yourself.
Amount won=amount bet x bookmaker's odds ratio
If you lose, of course, you will lose the entire bet amount, so be extremely cautious in all your decisions.
What's the secret to betting on yellow cards from experts?
This type of yellow card betting is considered relatively easy to predict, but it requires players to understand each team's playing style. However, you should also know that receiving yellow cards can also stem from unforeseen circumstances, making it difficult to predict. Here are some secrets to betting on yellow cards from experts:
Thoroughly understand the referee.
Referees are the black-clad kings who issue cards in matches, so they directly influence the match's outcome. Therefore, players need to gather information related to referees, including their personalities and the history of matches they have officiated.
A little tip for you is that referees from Europe tend to be stricter and have a higher card issuance rate compared to referees from Asia.
Specific understanding of players' personalities and playing styles.
You may not know that players' personalities and playing styles also greatly influence the yellow card betting odds. Specifically, players with hot tempers will receive more cards than those with calm and gentle playing styles.
Therefore, players need to look up the history of card offenses by players on the internet to make the most informed decisions.
Additionally, you should not overlook understanding the playing styles of players. For example, teams that play aggressively and do not shy away from contact will have a higher number of card offenses. Meanwhile, teams that focus on defense will receive fewer cards.
Pay attention to the nature of the matches.
Another experience you must pay attention to is the nature of the matches. For example, in friendly matches or matches that are not too important, the number of bets offered is very low. On the contrary, for crucial matches like semifinals or finals of major tournaments such as the World Cup or the Champions League, the number of cards will be higher because players will give their all and be willing to commit fouls.
Yellow card betting is generally considered easier than many other types of bets. However, it is not easy to win and requires players to have skills, soccer tips app experience, and reasonable strategies. We hope the information we provided about yellow card betting above will help you understand how to win this type of bet.

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